An Invitation to Co-Creation

Greetings, Goddesses!

If you caught my first post recently, you may be wondering who I am and how I got behind the scenes to the contributor’s chair for the Lido Journal, where I will be sharing inspiration and perspectives with you each week going forward.


My name is Caitlyn.

To put myself in a nutshell, I would say I’m an adventurous soul: 30s in age, empowered woman in spirit, and eternal child at heart. I grew up in Texas and have always been a rebellious, unconventional person. After college, I went on to become a jack-of-all-trades. Nightlife, hospitality, modeling.. I even launched a small business. Eventually, I made enough waves in Austin that I was called to the uncharted waters beyond the borders of the Lone Star State, and moved on to live in LA and Las Vegas, where I ultimately forged my way as an on-camera host, reporter, and video producer for the World Poker Tour. Through will and desire I manifested a reality where I get to travel regularly all over the world for work, and for fun.

On paper it sounds like a pretty exciting life. And it has been-- fun, blissful, ecstatic, and awesome. I have a big family (4 sisters!) in Texas and an enormous extended family scattered all around the globe. I am certified in yoga instructor and have many passionate hobbies I look forward to sharing with all of you, too.

But my life is also very ordinary. It is ordinary in its suffering. I have struggled deeply with self love, romantic heartbreak, loss of identity, loss for direction.. And even with the many great gifts life has granted me, I still want more, and find myself still chasing bigger dreams.. Dreams to be a novelist, dreams to have a family, and so it goes.

I am called to share my Lido Journals as a conversation with each of you where we can support each other in co-creating the lives we long for, and celebrate the ordinariness of life: the range of struggle and beauty that every path contains. I will cover topics each week ranging from health and wellness, to spirituality, to raw personal truth.

It is my wish that, as I open my life to share experiences and revelations from my personal lense, that all of you will accept the invitation to do the same. And that, from this connection, our individual lights will shine brighter as one community.

In Love, Caitlyn

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